Meet Dr. Murphy

Dentistry gives me the opportunity to change people’s lives. Doing cosmetic procedures, such as bonding, veneers, and crowns, allows me to give patients bright, beautiful, natural-looking, and healthy smiles. Patients who are missing teeth can have their teeth replaced with dental implants, restoring function as well aesthetics, which improves individuals’ self-esteem and quality of life.

Creating and maintaining healthy, functional, and beautiful smiles, while building relationships with patients, is what excites me the most about my career.

~ Dr. Zachary T. Murphy

Education and Experience

A Columbus native, Dr. Zachary Murphy is proud to serve a community he loves. After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of West Georgia, he attended Midwestern University and obtained his Doctorate of Dental Medicine.

In practice at Maholick Innovative Dentistry, Dr. Murphy utilizes the latest dental technologies and techniques in his patients’ care. Working with each person, he develops a treatment plan that addresses the individual’s clinical concerns and expectations. In focusing on timely, efficient treatment of issues, and positive, seamless appointments, he ensures patients experience the best of modern dentistry.

Professional Affiliations and Ongoing Learning

Dr. Murphy is an active member of the American and Georgia dental associations, as well as the Western District Dental Society. Through these organizations, and Spear Education, he has access to numerous avenues to further develop his knowledge and skills. Continuing education — meetings, lectures, and seminars, and studying the latest journals — keeps him current on the latest advances in oral healthcare.

A lifelong learner, Dr. Murphy enjoys challenging himself to study and evaluate new options and developments in his profession. Dentistry is continuously changing, and staying educated allows him to offer multiple solutions for any given issue a patient presents.

Personal Life

Family is Dr. Murphy’s greatest passion. He and his wife Sarah have been married for more than seven years. She is a pharmaceutical sales representative and his best friend. Together, the couple has one son, John Baylor, and a dog, Charlie. The family treasures their time together, whether traveling, enjoying the outdoors, or relaxing at home.


Murphy Family

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